If the 2023 general poll offers different strokes for different states in Nigeria, the situation in Rivers State attracts special attention. While each of the 36 states may have its designated basket of good, bad and ugly fillings, the case of Rivers State would still stand out as a dispensation in which a mark-up in its political fortunes at this time, demands a paradigm shift in the status quo, towards a return of the focus of politics and governance from serving the whims and caprices of individuals, to a more altruistic order whereby the ultimate dividend of any government action is determined by how much such directly provides measurable, tangible relief, to the individual citizen. While the 2023 poll offers the country another opportunity to reset its political agenda, it presents to the Rivers State in particular, the choice of actually reclaiming its soul from a drift into perdition, with the only prospect of respite being the ascendancy of a leader of vision and purpose who can claim a desired future, for it and its good people.

For too long, the Rivers State has served as a theatre for contest of political brawn by gladiators seeking unjustifiable, parochial, ego-massaging interests, to the detriment of the well-being of the wider society. For too long, the people of the state have helplessly watched as their common patrimony has been subjected to the wanton abuse and even rape by power mongers. For too long, the people have been subjected to selective, political and economic inclusion, as is determined by the whims and caprices of whoever succeeds in hijacking the levers of power in the state.

The inherent anachronism in this state of affairs is accentuated by the strategic status of the Rivers State in the affairs of the Nigerian federation. Apart from serving as the unarguable hub of the country’s oil and gas industry, the state is a major nexus for the political and economic life of Nigeria’s strategic east. The political fortunes of the state and the rest of the country can therefore not be optimized unless and until such are determined by the playout of good governance, with the features of inclusiveness, transparency, accountability and responsiveness as provided for by the Constitution.

Driven by burning altruistic fevour the ‘We Agenda’ movement with its mantra as ‘Putting People First’, and with a state wide spread, scanned the political horizon and has zeroed in on a leader who can be trusted with the future of the state, come 2023. The name Dumo Lulu-Briggs (with the acronym ‘DLB’) is not new in the political terrain of the Rivers State. In more than one instance his personal political credentials had inspired a groundswell of interest for his ascendancy to the exalted office of the Governor of the Rivers State. And in each of such instances, the state enjoyed a better acquaintance with his brand of politics with resonated with the popular will of putting the people first. Today and henceforth, this brand of politics is now an idea whose time has come.

Therefore, Run Dumo Run

Advocacy powered by THE ‘WE AGENDA’

Putting People First….

An Idea whose time has come.

3 Replies to “RUN, DUMO RUN

  • Salome

    By Salome


    Run! Dumo, Run! Rivers state awaits you

  • Dele Sam Amachree

    By Dele Sam Amachree


    How can I join the ‘We’ Agenda.

  • Chidi Nwoko

    By Chidi Nwoko


    Apart from signing up on the website is there any other place to register because I will love to be part of this agenda as a member

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